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First Round

1. Houston Texans -- David Carr QB Fresno State

The Texans have already agreed to terms with Carr. Charlie Casselry is hoping that Carr does for them what Troy Aikman did for the Dallas Cowboys in the early 90s.

2. Carolina Panthers -- Julius Peppers DE North Carolina

The Panthers have opened discussions with Peppers about a contract, so this pick is almost a lock. There was some discussion about Quentin Jammer, but they have apparently settled on Peppers.

3. Detroit Lions -- Joey Harrington QB Oregon

According to almost every news source in the country, Marty Morningweigh has been lobbying hard for Joey Harrington this week. Matt Millen isn't as sold on Harrington as much as Marty is, but Marty may have convinced him that Harrington can give the Lions what Joe Montana gave the 49ers. They know if they trade down that Washington may jump ahead of them to take Harrington, so I think they will opt to stay put and take their future QB.

4. Buffalo Bills -- Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee

The Cleveland Browns would really like to move up to grab Bryant McKinnie, and this could be a spot they target in a trade. The Bills would love to trade down and gain some more picks, so this could be a fit. If the Bills decide to keep the pick, then I think they will go with Haynesworth. He's bigger than Ryan Simms and seems to fit the Bills defense a little better. Ryan Simms would be a good pick here as well though.

5. San Diego Chargers -- Mike Williams OT Texas

The Chargers may be divided on who to take. If they go with the offensive lineman, they appear to have settled on Mike Williams over Bryant McKinnnie. Quentin Jammer has been the topic of conversation for a while now in San Diego, and they could very well surprise everyone by selecting Jammer.

6. Dallas Cowboys -- Quentin Jammer CB Texas

The 'boys will be ecstatic to see Jammer still sitting on the board when they pick. He's the top man on their board, and they are considering moving up to take him. The only other possibility I see with this pick is Roy Williams, and that is if Jammer has already been taken.

7. Minnesota Vikings -- Bryant McKinnie OT Miami

The Vikings have thought about trading down from this pick, but the idea that McKinnie could be on the board has changed their mind. Mike Tice knows McKinnie can be the answer to a very rough left tackle situation in Vikingland. If McKinnie is gone, then the Vikings will either move down or select a defensive tackle with this pick.

8. Kansas City Chiefs -- Ryan Simms DT North Carolina

If Joey Harrington is on the board, there could be some very interesting discussions in the Chiefs warroom. Management has really taken a liking to Harrington, but coach Dick Vermil wants someone that can help the team win immediately. The Lions help Vermil out, and he gets his way by adding the top rated defensive tackle on their board.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Wendell Bryant DT Wisconsin

The Jaguars were helped out and raped at the same time with the expansion draft. They had a lot salary taken in that draft, but their defensive line was raped by losing Gary Walker and Seth Payne. Marcus Stroud and Larry Smith return, but the Jags need more. They like Wendell Bryant because he brings versatility to the table. He can play either tackle as well as base end.

10. Cincinnati Bengals -- Philip Buchanan DB Miami

The Bengals are being tempted by Jeremy Shockey and may take him, but I think Buchanan is still at the top of their board if Harrington is gone. Buchanan can really solidify the Bengals secondary. Roy Williams could be a possibility here as well.

11. Indianapolis Colts -- Roy Williams SS Oklahoma

Tony Dungy would love to add a defensive linemen with this pick, but Williams would be a gift at this point. Everyone knows what John Lynch did for Dungy's defense in Tampa Bay. Williams can do that plus, IMO. He's the best safety I've seen come from the college ranks in a while.

12. Arizona Cardinals -- Napolean Harris LB Northwestern

The Cardinals need defense and a pass rusher. A later riser seems to be Harris, whom the Cardinals have reportedly taken a keen interest into. Harris would bolster the Cardinals linebacking corps as well as give them an added pass rush on blitzes.

13. New Orleans Saints -- Dontae Stallworth WR Tennessee

This is the guy the Saints want despite their recent signings of Jerome Pathon and Jake Reed. Stallworth is a speed demon and will really add some big play punch the the Saints offense. The Saints made the statement that they were going to throw the ball when they traded Ricky Williams to Miami. Stallworth is just another passing weapon.

14. Tennessee Titans -- John Henderson DT Tennessee

The Titans have targeted a defensive tackle with this pick, and they will be very happy to see the local favorite still on the board. The Titans lost both Jason Fisk and Josh Evans this offseason, and there wasn't much depth behind those two players. Henderson, if healthy, could really give the Titans defense a boost.

15. New York Giants -- Jeremy Shockey TE Miami

If you listen to all the news outlets, this is the guy they have been targeting all along. They love his receiving skills and think he will be able to help Kerry Collins out tremendously. I think they need an offensive lineman more, but that's just me.

16. Cleveland Browns -- Levi Jones OT Arizona State

Everyone has them taking a RB. Butch Davis is on record saying that he feels James Jackson can do the job behind a better line, and unless he is throwing out one hell of a smoke screen, I'm going to believe him. Recent reports from ESPN have Levi Jones jumping to the top of the Browns draft board. He's a versatile player that can play any line position except center. Look for him to start off as a guard.

17. Atlanta Falcons -- Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii

A big play receiver is just what the doctor and Michael Vick ordered. The Falcons know that if Vick is going to get better, they have to give him some weapons. Signing Warrick Dunn may have been a good start. Lelie will be the next step into bulding that offense.

18. Washington Redskins -- Kendall Simmons OG Auburn

The Redskins really don't want to take a guard here, but it is a big need for them. Many have the Redskins selecting Toniu Fonoti, but I just can't see Steve Spurrier taking a lineman that can't pass block a lick. Simmons is the best overall guard in this draft and a player Spurrier should be very familiar with. He could team up with Chris Samuels to form one potent left side.

19. Denver Broncos -- Edward Reed DB Miami

I wouldn't rule out a good pass rusher here, but everything seems to be pointing towards the Broncos adding another defensive back with this pick. Edward Reed could come in and solidify the free safety spot that Eric Brown butchered last season. Charles Grant or Bryant Thomas could be an option here.

20. Seattle Seahawks -- Daniel Graham TE Colorado

The Seahawks failed to sign Ken Dilger, which should mean that Graham is a lock for this pick if he's on the board. Mike Holmgren knows the TE position is a key position in his offense. Christian Fauria can't stay healthy, and Itula Milli is unreliable. Graham is really a better all around TE than Shockey and will be a good fit in Seattle.

21. Oakland Raiders -- Dwight Freeney DE Syracuse

The Raiders would have loved Napo Harris to be here, but the Cardinals broke their hearts. Reports out of Oakland have the Raiders liking Freeney quite a bit. Al Davis loves speed, and Freeney is a defensive lineman that can run in the sub 4.4 forty area. He should help boost the Raiders pass rush.

22. New York Jets -- Mike Rumph CB Miami

Herman Edwards loves Rumph for his defensive scheme. Rumph is a solid cover guy who is an excellent open field tackler. That is key in a cover 2 scheme and is what gives Rumph the nod over Lito Shepherd at this point.

23. Oakland Raiders -- Antonio Bryant WR Pittsburgh

Fits the Raiders persona to a T. The Raiders have a group of aging receivers and would love to add a young speedster for the future.

24. Baltimore Ravens -- T.J. Duckett RB Michigan State

The Ravens have their choice of Duckett and Green at this point. It is unknown how well Jamal Lewis will return from his knee injury, and the Ravens aren't in a situation where they can pass on the top rated player that is left.

25. New Orleans Saints -- Charles Grant DE Georgia

Replacing Joe Johnson is going to be a very tough task. The Saints not only lost their best pass rusher. They lost their top run defender as well, and the Saints run defense was nothing to brag about. Grant is an inconsistent player, but he has a very high upside.

26. Philadelphia Eagles -- William Green RB Boston College

This isn't really a great need for the Eagles, but Green at this point is too good to pass up. Andre Gurode is probably a reach at this point. The Eagles could trade down.

27. Green Bay Packers -- Josh Reed WR Louisiana State

A perfect fit for the Packers west coast offense. Reed is the best route runner and the best after the catch of all the receivers in this draft.

28. San Francisco 49ers -- Lito Shepherd CB Florida

This is the guy the 49ers want. They are looking to add overall depth to their team, and the cornerback position is one that needs depth.

29. Chicago Bears -- Kalimba Edwards DE South Carolina

The Bears have been looking for a pass rushing defense for what seems like forever now. If Edwards is anything like the guy he gets compared to the most, Jevon Kearse, then this is a bargain pick.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Toniu Fonoti OG Nebraska

This isn't a need position for the Steelers, but Fonoti is too good to pass on at this point. He lacks pass blocking skills, but he won't asked to be a starter immediately in Pittsburgh.

31. St. Louis Rams -- Mike Pearson OT Florida

Great pass blocker who the Rams may move to right tackle. Could start immediately for the Rams.

32. New England Patriots -- Bryan Thomas DE Alabama-Birmingham

The Patriots got by with smoke and mirrors last season. They need to upgrade their talent all around. Bill Belicheck is a defensive minded guy though, and he knows that he needs a more consistent pass rush if he wants the defense to repeat its late season performance. Thomas is a Jason Taylor like player who should really boost the Pats pass rush.

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