updated 4-25-03

Well, it's the night before the NFL Draft. The day is finally here. I haven't updated my site like I should have because time has been limited, so I'm going to make this a commentary tonight based on my opinions of what the Dolphins should do tomorrow and Sunday during the draft versus what I think they will do. So, here goes.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a strong advocate of strengthening the quarterback position. This position has repeatedly been ignored in the past, and as a result, the Dolphins have a back up quarterback masquerading as a starting quarterback. So, this year the quarterback position is once again my top priority for the Dolphins, and this draft has 6 high caliber quarterbacks that will go in the first two rounds. If it were me, I'd be making a move into the early part of the second round to secure Chris Simms, Dave Ragone, or Rex Grossman. This team needs a young quarterback to build around. I don't see the Dolphins doing that though. They are taking a big chance on Brian Griese being available after June 1st, and even if they do get him, there is still the question of whether or not Griese is or can be a franchise quarterback. The Dolphins need a franchise QB.

The offensive line needs to be injected with some talented youth, and this is the direction I see the Dolphins going early in the draft. Mark Dixon is a solid player, but he's getting older and is injury prone. He played well as a left tackle, but the Dolphins want to move him back inside to guard. They will look to add a left tackle high in this draft. Todd Wade is a stud of a right tackle and should be a staple at that position for the next 6-7 years. A contract extension for Mr. Wade would be something the Dolphins should work on before he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Jamie Nails scratched the surface of his potential last year before falling to an Achilles Tendon injury. It's questionable how effective he will be when he gets back. Seth McKinney is a solid young center prospect who is first in line to replace the aging Tim Ruddy. Todd Perry is an expendable player. The Dolphins need two linemen that can be considered potential starters down the road.

The linebacker position needs to be addressed for depth purposes. The starting group is very solid, but the depth is atrocious. Tommy Hendricks is the only reserve linebacker that can play in the base defense. The Dolphins need to add two picks who can come in and play more than just special teams. Look for them to address this in the middle rounds.

A young safety prospect is something that the team wants and needs to get. Brock Marion is getting older, and Arturo Freeman has yet to make his mark as a starter. They are toying with the idea of signing Sammy Knight, but I feel that will happen after the draft if it happens at all. The Dolphins will look to add a safety prospect at some point in this draft.

I don't advocate drafting a punter, but they need one in the worst way. Mark Royals is flat out horrible and needs to be replaced. Because of this, it may not be a terrible move to invest a 7th round pick on a punter.

Wide receiver is another area the Dolphins will address high more than likely, but I don't see it as the big need a lot see it as. IMO, the WR's are a lot more dependent upon the quarterback than the QB is dependent upon the WR, so I feel that if you improve the QB position, the WR position will improve as well because they will be able to get the ball in better positions. The Dolphins will address this position though, and if they don't get one high, they may bring in Marcus Robinson next week.

What will the Dolphins do? The talk right now is that they are trying to move up to grab University of Georgia offensive tackle George Foster. Foster is a player I like because he has the upside to be the best tackle in the draft, but he is a player that will need some work. If they can't move up, then they may settle for Foster's teammate, offensive tackle Jon Stinchcomb with their second round pick. After that, they would like to address the wide receiver position. University of Tennessee wide receiverKelley Washington is a player they like and may consider if he happens to fall to them in the second round. Texas A&M wide receiverBethel Johnson and Nevada wide receiver Nate Burleson are two players the Dolphins have followed that could be possibilities in the 3rd round. They will likely look to address the linebacker depth next, and a good third round possibility is Michigan linebacker Victor Hobson. Other linebackers the Dolphins like are Arizona's Lance Briggs and Oregon's David Moretti. At safety, the Dolphins are intrigued with California's Nnamdi Asomugha and South Carolina's Corey Jenkins. They also brought in Boise State's Quentin Mickell for a workout. He's a Blaine Bishop type of safety. Northwestern center Austin King is a player that Miami likes. Brigham Young tackle Isaac Herring is another player the Dolphins may invest a pick on in the later rounds. At the quarterback position, the Dolphins worked out Ken Dorsey, and it won't surprise me if they pick him in the 5th round. He's an intangibles guy, and the Dolphins tend to go with quarterbacks that have the so called intangibles over the quarterbacks with real physical ability (which is why this position is in the shape it's in, IMO).

So, IMO, the Dolphins draft may look something like this come Sunday Night:
2. George Foster OT 6-5 332 Georgia
3. Bethel Johnson WR 5-11 201 Texas A&M
5a. Lance Briggs LB 6-0 241 Arizona
5b. Ken Dorsey QB 6-4 190 Miami
6a. David Moretti LB 6-0 239 Oregon
6b. Corey Jenkins SS 6-2 220 South Carolina
7a. Ade Jimoh CB 6-1 190 Utah State
7b. Isaac Herring OT 6-5 300 Brigham Young
7c. Damon Duval P/PK 6-0 200 Auburn